No Mask Policy

Here at Mystic Roots we understand that not everyone is able to comply with the Provincial Mandate to wear a Mask while inside public buildings.
In order to accommodate our entire clientele we have made it possible to have your hair done without wearing a Mask.
We will book this appointment in a private room.
We will accept prepayment over the phone or via e-transfer upon booking.
Your technician will meet you at back door and direct you to private room.
Your Technician will wear a Mask, for your safety as well as a Shield for their safety.
During the appointment, out of respect for the Technician and customer safety, Mystic Roots requests that speaking be kept to a minimum during the appointment. 
This will be a minimum contact appointment.
For hair colour services we can cut your hair first and apply your colour and you have choice of going home to shampoo your own hair
wear a mask upstairs for shampoo.
We appreciate the concerns that both our staff and customers have for their personal safety.
Please bring your mask exempt medical note so we can photocopy and staple to your waiver.
Much Respect,
The Mystic Roots Team