The team at Mystic Roots look forward to meeting again soon with safety measures in place.  

We need your help in adhering to the following:

1)  Upon booking your appointment, we will reach out with terms and conditions to be accepted by you, our valued guest, before we can confirm your appointment.


2)  Hand sanitizer station will be available inside the second front door.  We ask you arrive on time for your appointment as space restrictions need to be strictly adhered to.  


3)  Face masks for clients and technicians must be worn while in the salon. 

*Please feel free to bring your own mask if you have one*

4)  Please arrive with only your personal devise, car keys and form of payment. 

Other family members, friends, pets, beverages and food all need to stay at home at this time.

5)  Haircut clients need to arrive with clean dry hair that is free of styling products.

With exception to hair colour service, shampoo services are unavailable at the moment.

All blow dry services are suspended at this time.

  Sadly, our value added services of spa water, comforting tea, stress relieving massage, hand massage, hot towel and make up touch-up rituals are temporarily unavailable.

  All products, including make up, are available for purchase.

  Please share your shopping list with our salon coordinator.  It all will be collected for you prior to cash out.