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It all comes down to the people. We have a Team that is expertly trained, extensively experienced and consistently partaking in further education both through Mystic Roots and Individually. This doesn't just begin and end with our stylists and aestheticians, this extends to our entire Team. They are a collective pool of Aveda knowledge from our Mission, Rituals of Renewal, Service Standards and Product to the latest Trends and Styles.


At Mystic Roots we believe that beauty is a spectrum and not a niche. It is not the number on our birth certificate or on the tag inside our clothing. Here we celebrate your natural beauty, in all its glory. Just the way it should be!


We strive to compliment what you love about you and bring out what you didn't know was there. We love when you walk out feeling your very best. When you feel good we feel good.


Our Team is fantastic and we think that is an understatement! We just know that you will find that Mystic Roots is the right fit for you, no matter which member of our Team provides your service! An entire team behind your beauty goals, that you can trust and grow with to ensure all of your hair, skin and beauty needs are met. We can help you overcome almost any hair problem and figure out the best skin care & beauty routine.

As a Team based Salon and Spa, we fully encourage you to move around! Get to know us all! We love getting to know every client that comes through our door and we never take offence when you sit in someone else's chair! We understand that life is busy and it is your needs here that come first! At Mystic Roots, no matter who you choose, you will always be in good hands.


Come in, say hello and experience the difference!

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